Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Visiting Members to Help Strengthen and Encourage Them

Elders Hadley & Oldham spend Family Home Evening with The Taha family each week.  This is a most wonderful family, who you can tell love each other so much and love the gospel.  The message shared was the Plan of Salvation.  After the lesson the Elders played a game with them and everyone was having so much fun.  I just wish that I could understand what is going on because they speak Malay and we have to rely on the Elders to translate for us occasionally.  Most of the time we just smile and enjoy their spirit. 

When the lesson and game were over, they brought out the food.  Sira had made the Malaysian version of Sloppy Joes, which were very good.  They also had a new fruit that I had never seen or tasted.

This young man is not a member, but he always comes to church with them and whenever we come to their home, he is here.  Elder Lamb is trying to convince him to let the Elders teach him, but he just smiles.

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  1. I love following your blog. Those special spiritual moments come at the most unexpected times. We are just waiting to see where our next adventure will take us.