Friday, December 8, 2017

We Will Not Pass this Way Again - Special Memories

The people we meet and the sights we have seen are amazing. 
There are some people who you meet that you feel a certain connection with
and that is how it is with the Saints here in Malaysia. 
We truly love them and have some very special memories of them.

Celebrating Elder Lamb's Birthday

We will never forget our special Philippino friends. 
Pia, Janet and Henry will always have a very special place in our hearts.  
Pia was baptized in February, Janet was already a member
and Henry  took the missionary lessons in our home and hopefully will be
baptized in the Philippines.

Henry and Janet returned to the Philippines to be with their family
and we are so happy for them.  

Celebrating Wee Loon's birthday.

Cherries instead of Birthday Cake

Wee Loon was baptized shortly after we arrived in Malaysia. 
He is a very bright, amazing young man
and we wish him all the best in the future.

Sam was just recently baptized.  He is so excited about the church and his smile is infectious.  He took us out to dinner at the restaurant where he works after his baptism.

This beautiful family were baptized a little over one year ago
and are now planning to go to the temple. 
We wish we were going to be here to go with them,
but hopefully someone will take our place who can accompany them.
We will never forget them. 
What a blessing they have been to the Masai Branch. 

Christmas Zone Conference in Kuala Lumpur

We love attending Zone Conferences and being instructed, uplifted and edified by the Spirit and also by our mission president and his beautiful wife.  We are truly blessed.

Following the  conference our Christmas Celebration began with a wonderful meal at a Turkish Restaurant.  The food there is wonderful and everyone got their fill.

After dinner we had our Christmas Program.  It was very fun for the missionaries. 
They exchanged "White Elephant" gifts, watched "The Muppets Christmas Carrol,"
recited "The Living Christ" and heard from Pres and Sis Simmons about our gifts to the Savior for Christmas.  It was a very special evening.

It is nice to have some silly, funny and exciting moments when you are a missionary.
Fun times were had by all!!

Masai/JB Youth Conference

This is the third Youth Conference that we have had since we came to Malaysia.  The other two were planned by me and carried out with the help of the Elders.  (lots of work)
This time was different. We called a meeting of the Masai Branch Presidency, YM & YW leaders and the missionaries.  I just simply presented them with the 2017 theme which is "Ask".  I showed them the video and some of the information that the church provided and they took over.  They met together and planned the program, activities, games and food.  
The goal of senior missionaries is to train the leaders
so that they can run the branch. 
Mission Accomplished!!

First round of snacks prepared by YM/YW leaders

The Elders presented the theme "Ask" and taught about getting answers to our questions through prayer.

The other subjects covered were, Faith, Keeping the Commandments, The Holy Ghost and Acting on your Promptings.

They had lots of fun activities planned and fun and fellowship was felt by all.  

Hopefully testimonies were strengthened, friendships renewed, and personal decisions about coming to church were made.  I love these young people so much and it is so rewarding to work with them and see their growth.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Our Trip to Brunei

We were given the special privilege of visiting another part of the mission.  We love to see places and meet people, and this trip did not disappoint. 
Brunei is a small country which is attached to East Malaysia (Borneo). 
It is a very rich country  located where the Pacific Ocean meets the South China Sea. 

We had some mix-ups in our airline reservations so we flew to Kuala Lumpur, spent most of the day there in the airport and then got a flight from there to Singapore. 
This picture is one of the beautiful areas in the Singapore Airport.  
After a couple hours wait, we were on Royal Brunei Airlines to Brunei.

In spite of all of the trouble getting there, it was definitely worth the trouble.
We arrived very late Saturday night, but Sunday morning we went with Elder & Sister Childs to a Sacrament Meeting in a members home.  This young couple recently moved to Brunei and are sharing their home as a place that the Saints who are living here can meet occasionally.  These people are working here and most do not have their families with them.  They were so happy to have church.  
The mom told me that when they found out there was no church in Brunei, she was very sad and worried about her family.  Then she decided that it was up to her to teach them,
so she has Primary for the children every week.  

I continue to be amazed at the things that we take for granted.  It is such a blessing to be able to have church buildings and worship each week.  There are many people throughout the world who do not enjoy that same privilege.  Seeing these people who are willing to sacrifice so much, just to be able to meet and partake of the sacrament, makes my heart so happy.  I am thankful to have been a part of this special meeting and to hear their testimonies and share in their spirit.  

After church we stopped to see the famous Empire Hotel.  It is so luxurious it cannot be explained in words.  It was originally built as a resort for the Sultan's friends to stay in when they came to Brunei.  It has since been made into a luxury hotel situated right along the beach.  This is definitely how "the other half" lives.  I 'm sure it isn't really half.

We saw two very beautiful mosques.  

It would have been fun to visit this water village, but we simply ran out of time. 
It sounds pretty amazing.

It is hard to read the road signs in this country. 
I am happy that we weren't driving.