Friday, August 18, 2017

More Fun in Singapore

We were able to attend another Senior Missionary Couple Conference
for training in Singapore. 
Our mission president and his wife do such a wonderful job of motivating, strengthening and inspiring me. 
I am so grateful that we were able to attend this time.

I really enjoy getting to know the other couples
and sharing experiences with them.  We all have so much in common,
and are all in this great adventure together.

The day that we arrived, we all met and enjoyed a  double decker
bus tour of Singapore which hi-lighted the tree lighting in Gardens By the Bay.

When we left the Gardens we were taken to Clark Quay, where we enjoyed a bumboat ride on the river.  The sights in Singapore at night are breathtaking.

After our wonderful day of training, I joined two other couples for an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens.  What a beautiful place. 
Elder Lamb is not able to do very much walking because of a very bad hip,
so he misses most of the fun in Singapore.  

We went to the Singapore Flyer at night, and were joined by two other 
couples.  The gigantic cars hold over 20 people.  You can walk around and see whatever view you want.  It is amazing!
The view of Singapore at night was magnificent. 
Words cannot describe it and pictures don't do it justice.

We were in Singapore for their National Day Celebration
which celebrates their 52nd birthday at a country.  They had a large celebration with ten of thousands of people watching fireworks, drones, jets and many other things.  We didn't actually go down in the crowds.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Good Things Happening in the JB Branch

The JB Chinese speaking Elders are having great success right now and they are being led to those people who are prepared to hear about the Gospel. 
They are working very hard and the fruits of their labors are being seen.  
On August 5, we welcomed a new member through the waters of baptism.
Lim Boon Lai (John) was  baptized and his sweet wife is now being taught.  
The members of the branch have been very supportive of the missionary efforts,
and supported John at his baptism and small gathering following.

The JB Branch had a Branch B-B-Q at the Molek Pine 2 in support of Sister James who will be leaving this week to serve a mission for the church in Vanuatu.

There was a great turnout, and everyone enjoyed socializing with each other. 
The food was great! and the company was even better.  We are so happy that these members enjoy being together and supporting and strengthening one another.

 There were several non-members who attended and all seemed to enjoy the fellowship.

We met Jessie Zong and her husband and little boy when we first arrived here.  She came regularly, each Friday night to our English class.  After they went home to China for Chinese New Year, we lost track of them and have not seen them for several months. 
This week Bro. Ben, our Branch Mission Leader contacted them, and they invited us to come to their new home in downtown JB for dinner.  They had just moved in a few days prior, and his parents were here visiting and helping  them move. 
His mother fixed an authentic Chinese meal for us. 
What a delightful evening we had with them.  They are so kind and thoughtful.  

Thank goodness Jessie speaks some English, because no one else did. 
There were lots of smiles!

They have a gigantic projection TV and were watching Disney cartoons. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fun Masai Branch Activity

On July 22, we enjoyed a very successful Masai Branch Activity at a beautiful park, which surrounds a lake . 
They have had activities here before and seem to really love coming here. 
I can see why, because it is very peaceful and beautiful. 
We had over 50 members attend and everyone seemed to have a great time.   We had plenty of food and the young adults planned
and carried out games which were really fun for all. 
We are so thankful for these special young people
who definitely are the future of the church here in Malaysia.  

They had such a fun time playing a game where you crack an egg on your forehead, some were hardboiled and some were not. 
They are all such good sports.

They three-legged race had them all laughing.  

Next was the Spin Around until you are super dizzy and then try to Kick the Ball.

Last but not least was the homemade Pinata. 
They don't have those here so they just made their own. 
The younger kids really had a great time trying to break it.  
It finally took a teenager to knock it down.

Of course my battery died, so I didn't get a picture of the final act.
  Oh well, It was a great day!
Fun Was Had By All!!!.