Monday, November 13, 2017

A Very Successful Primary Presentation

The Theme for Primary in 2017 is Choose the Right. 
We have been learning lessons from the Book of Mormon Primary Manual.  
Using ideas from the lessons we have learned, I wrote a Sacrament Meeting Presentation for the children to give in church.  They had practiced the songs and knew them very well.  We gave each of them a part to read and used one of the older girls as a narrator. 
They did so well and the parents loved it. 
I am so happy that we were able to do this.  

We gave them each a CTR ring and they were very happy.  

Amazing Things Happening in our JB Branch

Our Elders continue to amaze.  They are finding and baptizing converts, which is their purpose.  What could be more beautiful than the  baptism of an entire family?
  Members of the branch stated that there has not been an entire family baptized in this branch that they can remember.  Miracles continue and the gospel is blessing lives.

The Wan Family

One of the blessings of being a missionary is watching
as people embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Ms. Yung is the grandmother.  She was baptized almost 1 year ago
and now two of her grandchildren have chosen to be baptized.

Another baptism of this beautiful young woman. 
She bore a strong testimony and will be such an asset to the branch.  

A few members of the branch attended her baptism. 
Sorry we missed it, we were out of town.  
We love being a part of the baptisms
as we welcome new members into the church.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Our Cultural Experience in Sarawak

Upon leaving Singapore, we traveled with another Senior Couple to Kuching, East Malaysia.  We spent two days with them enjoying the sights and culture of Sarawak.  We have heard so much about it from our members in the Masai Branch, most of who were born in Sarawak.  (formerly known as Borneo).  Yes, it is the land of the headhunters. 
It really hasn't been that many years since that was their way of life here.

Many thanks to the Maglebys, who were such wonderful hosts. 
They showed us such a great time!

The Sarawak River Cruise was certainly a study in contrasts. 
We  could see fishing villages, mosques, houses on stilts, fishing boats and mansions. 
It was such an interesting experience.  

They had dancers from the tribes here in Sarawak, who each did their traditional dances.

Next day  was the Sarawak Cultural Village.

The dancer was actually holding this large clay pot in his teeth

Many places we have traveled in the world, we see dances which are always so graceful and beautiful.  Each tribe has their own type of costumes and dances which are meaningful to their culture.  I love being able to experience these traditions.

After he climbed to the top of the pole he laid on his stomach
and they spun the pole around.

People from the audience were invited up to join in the dance.  

This is the house for the Bidayuh tribe.  
If you look closely you will see several skulls under the yellow cloth. 
This must have been a ritual they had after they obtained the heads

We have heard a lot about the Iban longhouses. 
These are very long, wood houses which have many doors. 
A family will  live together in the longhouse,
each having their separate room.  
Many of our members in the Masai Branch are from this Iban tribe in Sarawak,
so it is very interesting for us to see the traditions and customs of their tribe.

The step to get in and out is just a large log that has been carved into stairs. 
It is very narrow and a little scary going down.  

One of the things they are very good at is beadwork. 
Notice the collar that she has around her neck.  It is made from thousands of tiny beads.  

I am not sure if he is just a warrior, or if he is supposed to be a headhunter. 
Either way, I am happy that it was just an example and not for real.