Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Visiting Melaka, the Unofficial Historic Capital of Malaysia

Mekala is a very important city in the history of Malaysia.  It was occupied as early as the 15th century by the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Japanese, the British, the Japanese again and finally became free in  1948.  It is a two hour drive north from where we live.  I am looking forward to visiting again to see the old Portuguese settlement and other places we missed this trip.

This seems to be their motto, you see these signs everywhere.  Where do you think this idea came from?

We met two other senior couples here, Elder & Sister Patterson and Hammer.   These couples were so kind to us when we first arrived and graciously invited us to come to Melaka for a little getaway.  The Hammers will be leaving for home next week after serving here for 23 months.  We picked up the Elders serving in Melaka and took them to lunch.  We also did an inspection of their apartment, which was the official purpose for the trip to Melaka.  We will go every quarter to inspect the apartment.

  We stayed in the Ramada Plaza Hotel.  This is the view from our window.

As we walked along the Riverwalk, we saw many different scenes.  Here are some shacks
right along the river. 


We took the River Cruise which allowed us to see some more sights.  It was pretty amazing.

This area is the famous Jonker Street. 
You can see they have H&M in Malaysia

Don's plate
I think some of our daughters will be grossed out at this chicken.

Right on the street they sell birds and chickens.

This woman makes the most amazing hand beaded shoes.  The beads are so small you can hardly see them.

Dinner was a real treat.  I had chicken fajitas at the Hard Rock Café.

After a long day of walking, we opted to take the trishaw (tricycle-rickshaw)back to the hotel.  They are all decorated and have music playing from them.    We hardly fit in the small seat, and I felt sorry for the poor man who had to pedal us back. 

Melaka is on the Indian Ocean.  Here is a beautiful floating mosque which is located on the Straits of Melaka

We enjoyed our two days in Melaka and look forward to returning.

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