Sunday, October 30, 2016

Our Visit to Sister Eva and her family

We had a great experience as we visited Sister Eva and her family. 
They were celebrating  the Indian Holiday of Diwali/Deepavali.  Their married daughter and family  were visiting them.  Eva  had fixed a special meal for the family celebration, and saved some for us, so we were able to experience traditional Indian food. 
It was very delicious and was presented in a beautiful way.

Sister Eva and her children were baptized several years ago, but her husband is not a member.  He was very kind and friendly to us though, and participated in our gospel discussion.  I could feel that this is a very special family who cannot come to church because the mom works on Sundays and the sons go to school on Sundays.  I really don't like this rule the Sultan made that changed the Sabbath to Friday in Johor Bahru. 

I am so thankful for the opportunities that we have to go with the Elders to visit the families in our Branches who are not able to come to church,
but who love the gospel and the Book of Mormon.
These visits strengthen my testimony as I see the struggles that Saints here have to make to be members of the Church and yet how much they love the Lord and each other.
The Gospel is true in Malaysia.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Day Without Elders is Quite Rare

After we got the Elders all delivered to their buses, we were left alone.  That is a pretty strange feeling for us here.  Our Branch Mission Leader, who was born and raised here, called and wanted to know if he could come over and be with us. He is a great young man who we have grown to love, and he enjoys being with us, which is nice.  I asked him if we could get some American food, so he took us downtown to TGI Fridays.  What a wonderful meal!!

You can see from the Halloween decorations, that they do Halloween here too. 

After our meal, Ben took us to see the Sultan's Palace. 
Malaysia is ruled by a Monarchy, so each state has a Sultan, and then there is a King of Malaysia.  The King is changed every few years,  so they don't stay until they die like they do in United Kingdom.
These are pictures of the plaza by the entrance.  The palace is actually through the gates and up on a hill.  We will have to go again during the day so I can get a better look.

This large crown is spectacular at night.  I am so happy Ben brought us here.

There are guards on each side of the gate, but I think they are just mostly for show.  He was happy to have a picture taken with us.

Another Transfer Day

Our District Meeting before the transfer. 
Elder Chin is going home after completing his mission in our area. 
Elders Hew and Tennant are being transferred to other areas in West Malaysia.
I fixed them Taco Lasagne,  which Spanish Rice, salad, chips & Salsa (very hard to find here), and fruit.  They always appreciate whatever I fix for them.

It is so much fun to be with these Elders.  They are trying to keep us young.

Elder Tennant was new to the mission when we arrived so we are growing together.  He is like a grandson, and we are going to miss him a lot.  He is going to Kuala Lumpur

A treat of Dunkin Donuts before he leaves us.

Saying goodbye is really hard for me, I really grow to love these Elders.

I hope we will see him again sometime during our mission.  He is an amazing Elder who has a great attitude and work ethic.  He will do well wherever he serves.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

JB Branch Poolside BBQ Party

The missionaries in the JB Branch decided to host a party to honor Erin Chan who leaves for her mission to Australia next week and Elder Chin, who leaves for home after serving two years in the Singapore Mission.  We decided to have a BBQ, and little did we know, that we were planning an American BBQ.  I guess their kabobs are usually only meat, but we had to stay within our budget, so we had chicken and veggies on our kabobs.  We also had fried rice, curry chicken, chicken wings, and then members brought other dishes to go with it.

A little prep work getting the kabobs ready for the grill.  Thanks Elders

The members were excited to help. 

Roman is one of the investigators who came to the party.  It was exciting for the Elders to have several non-members in attendance.  Elder Chin on the far right, is spending his last weekend of his mission.  Good luck with your future Elder!

Jessie attends our English class every Friday evening.  Her little boy is so cute. Elder Lamb bought him a rubics cube to entertain him during class.

We had over 40 people attend the party, and many of them were not members.  The party was a success.  Plenty of food, fun and people!


This is Erin Chan who is leaving for her mission next week.  Good luck Erin!

It isn't Halloween yet, but someone showed up at the party.

One of the little guys sporting  the mask

Enjoying FHE with Members of JB Branch

We enjoyed a delightful Family Home Evening  with the Elders at the home of Louisa, the JB Relief Society President.  Her husband is not a member, but he was very friendly to us.  Pres. Ng and his wife were there too.  She served a nice dinner before our lesson.  Part of our calling is to strengthen members and they always seem to love to have us come. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our First Birthday Party

The Masai Branch President invited us to come to his daughter's 5th birthday party. 
They had lots of family and lots of food. 
It seems that wherever we go, they have an abundance of food

I have never seen a sparkler candle like this before.  It was like fireworks in the house. 
They also had a thing that when it popped, confetti scattered all over everywhere. 
They are probably still finding it in the house.

The hammock is how they get their little ones to sleep.  They even have two at the church.  They just plop the little one in and she doesn't make a peep, soon she is asleep.

You will notice whenever people here get their picture taken, they are making this sign.

She was all dressed up for her birthday party.  What a happy day!

Elder Lamb found a new friend.  He pulled on him whenever he got close.
Notice the nametag is missing.  He pulled it off .

Even in Malaysia, the kids noses are in their games.

The Elders got my camera and took a few selfies. 
They are crazy sometimes, but they do such a great job.