Friday, October 21, 2016

Our First Steampot Dinner

We were invited by Sister Elle, who is in the JB RS Presidency, to a lunch at her home after church.  We were surprised when we got there to see so many people.  When they have parties, they have lots of people and lots of food. 

They filled the steampots with boiling water, then they add the meats first.  Fish balls, chicken meatballs, shrimp, bacon,  hot dogs and fish noodles.

The fish noodles, look like big white worms. 
I didn't try one, but I did try the fish ball, it didn't really have much of a taste.

People just take what they want out of the pot and put it into their bowls.   As they eat, they just keep adding more food to the pots.  Later they added vegetables, mushrooms, noodles, eggs and whatever else was there until all of the food was gone.

Most people ate with chopsticks, but they provided spoons and forks for us.  One of these days I will perfect my skill at eating with chopsticks, right now I would just starve.

Notice the shrimp still have their heads (with eyes looking at you), and shells.  That was pretty strange, but they tasted good once you got the shells off.

It was Liang's birthday so we also had birthday cake.  It was delicious.

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