Sunday, October 9, 2016

Member Support Missionaries at work

We enjoy visiting members of our branches.  We are called to be Member Leader Support Missionaries, so we are trying to find ways that we can strengthen the members here.

The Kurup family, Amy, Chandran, Jaden & Meera are so kind and welcoming to the missionaries.  We met in their home to help with Family History and Indexing.  Meera hade a raspberry filled pound cake for us.  We love this family and hope to meet with them often to teach them new things.  After our lesson, they treated us to a wonderful meal at their favorite Chinese restaurant.   

We went with the Elders to visit Lily Bun and her family.  Lily was baptized in 2014 and seems to have a testimony, but she doesn't come to church very often.  We encouraged her to read her scriptures, pray and come to church whenever she can.  Her husband is not a member and works in Eastern Malaysia, so is not with the family very often.  Hopefully we can continue to encourage her so that she can enjoy the blessings of the gospel.

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