Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Johor Bahru Branch Cleaning Church before General Conference

The JB Branch President Tee scheduled a Saturday to clean the church before watching General Conference.  Not many members of the branch came, but we got the job done.  The Elders are always there with smiles on their faces, doing whatever needs to be done.  I love these young men.  Their positivity is contagious.  Here in Malaysia they don't have a regular cleaning schedule and certainly don't have a nice cart full of cleaning supplies.  They just make do with what they have.

Only the missionaries attended the conference on Saturday, but Sunday we had quite a few members join us.  They bring food to eat between sessions.  It was a very nice day for us all to learn from our General Authorities what the Lord would have us know in this the last dispensation.

When the Conference was over, we invited the Elders and and Sister Saffron, who was visiting from Kuala Lumpur, to have an early dinner with us. 

The Elders spent the remainder of the day watching the General Priesthood Session at our apartment.  We love having them here with us.

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