Saturday, February 25, 2017

Experiencing the World Kite Festival 2017

We were actually out looking for a property for our new chapel  when we happened upon The World Kite Festival 2017.  The is an annual festivity where people come from all over the world to enter their kites in the competition. 
It was fun to see the creativity which was displayed.  We don't know any details of the competition, but it was very interesting. 

 There were many families here      enjoying the festivities.

There were many food booths and other types of items that they were selling. 
 I just had a watermelon drink in a plastic bag. 
These two young men wanted their picture taken by Americans.

The Beauty of Singapore at Night

Elder Lamb has been having trouble with his hip, so he had an injection this day.  Sadly he didn't feel well enough to accompany us on this adventure. 
It was breathtakingly beautiful. 
We arrived at Gardens By The Bay just before sunset and were able to watch the lights in these trees as they get progressively brighter. 
They are synchronized to music so it is a spectacular sight.

From here we drove through Chinatown where they still have the Chinese New Year decorations up for a few more days.  This is the Year of the Rooster.

We next boarded a Bumboat for a Singapore River Night Cruise.  There are many beautiful sights here in Singapore, and they are so different when you see them at night.
We had a great time, just sorry that Elder Lamb couldn't come along.

I had a great time with Elder and Sister Colman.  They are a very special couple, who are loving their work here as Humanitarian Missionaries in Kuala Lumpur.

The Art/Science Museum

Riverwalk Street

                                                              The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This is the Singapore Flyer at night.

The Esplanade Singapore

Senior Couples Conference at Night Safari

All of the senior missionary couples arrived in Singapore on Tuesday afternoon.  We then went as a group to the Singapore Zoo Night Safari.  It was a fun experience seeing the animals at night.  It was hard to get pictures, but I tried.  The fire dancers at the beginning were quite good.  They put some flammable liquid in their mouths and then would put the torch to their mouth and fire would shoot out of their mouth.  I don't understand how they don't get burned, but they didn't.

 You can't see the animal very well on the trainer's shoulders,
but you can see the boy didn't quite know what to do.