Friday, September 15, 2017

JB Branch Happenings

We met this cute family in our English class when we first arrived in Malaysia. 
They are from China, and the husband is here working.  They just moved away from us into a new apartment in downtown Johor Bahru, so we probably won't see them much anymore. They invited us to their new apartment for dinner.  His parents were there from China helping them move, so we were able to meet them
If only we could communicate with them.  Jessie is the only one who speaks English.

The JB Relief Society had a fun evening learning from Brother & Sister Kurup how to cook some special Indian dishes.  It is too complicated for my cooking skills. 
I couldn't believe all of the ingredients.

The food was delicious.  The flavors they have here are definitely wonderful!

Another baptism for the JB Branch
This young 12 year old was being taught along with his family, and was prepared for baptism and with the support of his family,
he was baptized.

Some pizza after the baptism, giving members and non-members
an opportunity to socialize and get acquainted.

A Triple Baptism

A Very special day in the JB Branch.  We had three baptisms.  
Angela was an 8 year old baptism and Kendrick and Jan were both convert baptisms.
The church is growing in Malaysia. 

The Joys of Working with Missionaries

The missionaries in the Singapore Mission are extraordinary. 
We are so blessed to work closely with those who serve in our JB District. 
These Elders work so hard and live what they teach. 
We learn from them each time we are together.  

We have District Meeting every Tuesday morning.  We have been having it our apartment every week because we don't have a chapel in Masai.  These Elders are amazing, Elder Olive and Elder Elieson, are Mandarin Chinese speaking and  Elder Sigan and Elder Gara, are Bahasa Malay speaking.  

Transfers brought us a new Elder straight from the Provo MTC.  Elder Bowler,  is now learning to speak Bahasa Malay.  Besides being new here, he is going to move into a new apartment, which will be much closer to our new Masai chapel.  

Besides their usual duties, the Elders are also called on to give service whenever needed.  They always work cheerfully and thoroughly.  Moving into a new chapel takes a lot of service from members as well as missionaries. 

Giving Service Brings Blessings!

Being a missionary bring many wonderful experiences
and the opportunity to meet and teach many people.  

The JB Elders and The Lambs teach a free English class every Friday night. 
The students are all Chinese speaking.  We love the experience and have met many wonderful people in our classes.  This young man has been to our class for many months and earned a Certificate of Completion.  He was so happy and said he will frame it.

Friday, August 18, 2017

More Fun in Singapore

We were able to attend another Senior Missionary Couple Conference
for training in Singapore. 
Our mission president and his wife do such a wonderful job of motivating, strengthening and inspiring me. 
I am so grateful that we were able to attend this time.

I really enjoy getting to know the other couples
and sharing experiences with them.  We all have so much in common,
and are all in this great adventure together.

The day that we arrived, we all met and enjoyed a  double decker
bus tour of Singapore which hi-lighted the tree lighting in Gardens By the Bay.

When we left the Gardens we were taken to Clark Quay, where we enjoyed a bumboat ride on the river.  The sights in Singapore at night are breathtaking.

After our wonderful day of training, I joined two other couples for an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens.  What a beautiful place. 
Elder Lamb is not able to do very much walking because of a very bad hip,
so he misses most of the fun in Singapore.  

We went to the Singapore Flyer at night, and were joined by two other 
couples.  The gigantic cars hold over 20 people.  You can walk around and see whatever view you want.  It is amazing!
The view of Singapore at night was magnificent. 
Words cannot describe it and pictures don't do it justice.

We were in Singapore for their National Day Celebration
which celebrates their 52nd birthday at a country.  They had a large celebration with ten of thousands of people watching fireworks, drones, jets and many other things.  We didn't actually go down in the crowds.