Sunday, October 23, 2016

JB Branch Poolside BBQ Party

The missionaries in the JB Branch decided to host a party to honor Erin Chan who leaves for her mission to Australia next week and Elder Chin, who leaves for home after serving two years in the Singapore Mission.  We decided to have a BBQ, and little did we know, that we were planning an American BBQ.  I guess their kabobs are usually only meat, but we had to stay within our budget, so we had chicken and veggies on our kabobs.  We also had fried rice, curry chicken, chicken wings, and then members brought other dishes to go with it.

A little prep work getting the kabobs ready for the grill.  Thanks Elders

The members were excited to help. 

Roman is one of the investigators who came to the party.  It was exciting for the Elders to have several non-members in attendance.  Elder Chin on the far right, is spending his last weekend of his mission.  Good luck with your future Elder!

Jessie attends our English class every Friday evening.  Her little boy is so cute. Elder Lamb bought him a rubics cube to entertain him during class.

We had over 40 people attend the party, and many of them were not members.  The party was a success.  Plenty of food, fun and people!


This is Erin Chan who is leaving for her mission next week.  Good luck Erin!

It isn't Halloween yet, but someone showed up at the party.

One of the little guys sporting  the mask

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  1. We read, love, and follow your blog even though we don't make many comments. You have travelled to many places in the past, but I suspect that nothing compares to your experiences on your mission. There is nothing like it. We love you guys. -- Big Ed