Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Baptisms for the Masai Branch

 Elders Hadley and Oldham
 are doing a great job in Masai.   They had three baptisms in two weeks and hope to have more soon.

Riding their bikes to the church in the heavy rain, the Elders shoes and pantlegs were well soaked.
 Stanley Anak Bengau was baptized by his father on
October 7, 2016.
Stanley's mom has passed away and  he is being raised by his father.  He is a very quiet young man.  I hope that he will remain strong even though he can only come to church when there is a holiday.                                                                                   

We met Raymond and Naomi at church the week of their baptismal interviews.  Their eight year-old son was also interviewed, but it was determined that he needs to learn more before being baptized.

We were so happy that these faithful families joined them to support them at the baptism.  After they were baptized, they bore their testimonies and were so happy to be members of the church. Raymond promised that he will always come to church.

President John is the Masai Branch President.  He is such a faithful man and fulfils his calling in spite of his difficult schedule.  He drives a bus in Singapore, and gets home at 5am.  He then has to be to church at 9am and when there is an extra activity, such as a baptism, he is there as well.  I love the dedication of these faithful saints in Malaysia. 
We should never complain that our assignments are just too hard, because there are people like President John who serve with a smile in spite of the difficult circumstances.

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