Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our First Birthday Party

The Masai Branch President invited us to come to his daughter's 5th birthday party. 
They had lots of family and lots of food. 
It seems that wherever we go, they have an abundance of food

I have never seen a sparkler candle like this before.  It was like fireworks in the house. 
They also had a thing that when it popped, confetti scattered all over everywhere. 
They are probably still finding it in the house.

The hammock is how they get their little ones to sleep.  They even have two at the church.  They just plop the little one in and she doesn't make a peep, soon she is asleep.

You will notice whenever people here get their picture taken, they are making this sign.

She was all dressed up for her birthday party.  What a happy day!

Elder Lamb found a new friend.  He pulled on him whenever he got close.
Notice the nametag is missing.  He pulled it off .

Even in Malaysia, the kids noses are in their games.

The Elders got my camera and took a few selfies. 
They are crazy sometimes, but they do such a great job.

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