Thursday, May 25, 2017

We Love our Masai Branch

We continue to have fun and amazing experiences with the saints in the Masai Branch.  With Elder Lamb as the Branch President, we are able to meet with them more often and help to support and train them to be future leaders. 

Especially his mom!

This is a joint FHE that includes four families. 
It was Sister Sira's idea and all of them seemed to enjoy each other so much. 
We love it when we are able to get together with them in their homes.

 They didn't know I was taking this picture, so they weren't smiling
but I wanted to show the food.  It just kept appearing and there was
plenty for all of these people.  It always amazes me when that happens.

Cheesy  Grins

Some of the youth in the branch have Seminary/Institute every Saturday afternoon. 
Today they decided to come to the park after class for games, so we brought pizza. 
This is truly the future of the church here in Malaysia, and we are so happy that they are learning and growing in the gospel.

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