Monday, May 29, 2017

Vianni Taha's Mission Call

We have been  so blessed to be able to help this  beautiful, young  lady from our Masai  Branch to prepare for a mission.  She has a strong desire to serve and has been working hard to make it happen.  She speaks English quite well, as well as her native language Bahasa Malay and also Iban, which is the language in Sarawak where her family is from.  She has graduated from college here and is fully prepared to serve.  
Vianni received her mission call and was anxiously awaiting opening it. 
The family invited many branch members to come over to be part of the excitement. 
What an exciting time!  Everyone was guessing where they thought she would go. 
Her parents thought she would go to Japan or Australia. 

It has been such a blessing to get to know her and to help her with this process. 
What a wonderful missionary she will be.

Lots of guesses, and I am not sure any of them were right.

She has been called to serve in the Singapore Mission
She was happy and we were thrilled.  This mission needs missionaries so bad. 
There will be 26 Malay speaking missionaries leaving in June,
so President Simmons was thrilled that she was coming to his mission. 
She is happy to be able to go back to Sarawak and teach.

Vianni came over to write her acceptance letter on our computer. 
We just love her so much!

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