Monday, May 8, 2017

Life is Never Dull in Malaysia

The experiences that we have each day are varied and priceless.  We are meeting such beautiful people and strengthening them and ourselves in the process.  We have been helping the Taha family prepare to be sealed as a family in the Manila Temple in June.  This has been a beautiful experience and one that I will treasure forever. 
Their daughter Vianni, has her mission papers submitted and will received her call any day now.  Exciting times ahead!!

These are three sisters that we love in the JB Branch.  Dianne is from Utah and teaches here in the American School.  Venus has been working here for a year and will now return to her family in the Philippines.  She will be truly missed.  Susanna is a sweet sister who comes whenever she is able to get a ride. 
We love her .

In honor of me, for Mothers Day, we went to the mall and got pedicures.  That is something I have not treated myself to here, so this is a special treat for me.  Things here are so inexpensive it is unbelievable.

I received a special treat, "Mothers Day " greetings from my children and grandchildren.  What a special treat.  I love them all so much and miss them a lot.  Happy Mothers Day!!

We have a very special group of young people in the Masai Branch and as the Elders continue to visit and invite, we are seeing more of them come to church.  They are truly the future of the church here in Malaysia, so we will continue to love, encourage and strengthen the best that we can.

Brain (no I didn't misspell his name, that is how it is spelled here) was in a minor accident on his moto, so he is out of commission for a while. 
It was good to see his friends around him to support and encourage him.

Nothing better than the love of your mom and big sister.

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