Friday, May 26, 2017

First Mothers Day in Malaysia

One of the hardest parts of a mission for me is being away from my family for special occasions.  There are many of these that I will miss
and can never get back. 
I have to remind myself to look for the good things and happy times here
so that I don't get too sad. 
Mothers Day is always a time that our family gets together and the husbands do the cooking for us while we just sit around and visit with each other. 
I think from now on I will cherish those times just a little more.

We decided to treat ourselves to a pedicure.  This was the first time I have actually done that here and it was great! 
Things are so inexpensive, that you can treat yourself and not feel guilty.

I was so happy to receive a large envelope full of loving words from my family.  Each one had made a card for me and wrote their own note. 
I was so happy and of course, just a little teary.
My family means so much to me and I feel very blessed.

Sherry is a very special friend from our English Class.  She made this beautiful card for me and I can't even imagine the hours that it took her. 
She wanted to present it to me in English class. 
I wish you could see the detail.  It is truly amazing!!

In Primary we made Mothers Day cards. 
The kids were so cute and they loved giving them to their mother.

The Young Women in our Branch made handmade cards which were in a small bag with a flower for all of the mothers in the Branch. 
We delivered them the next couple of days to the mothers who were not at church.  Each card had a beautiful, handwritten message.

This truly was a wonderful Mothers Day and I hope I will always remember
"It is never all about me."

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