Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Time With Members Is One of My Favorite Things

Raymond and Naomi were baptized about a month ago.  They are so happy and faithful.  He has received the Aaronic Priesthood so he blesses the Sacrament each Sunday. 
They invited the Elders to their home for Family Home Evening, so we tagged along.   The Elders purpose was to teach this family how to conduct weekly FHE and they did such a great job with the lesson from the Book of Mormon about the 10 Commandments and a fun game. They had invited some family members to join and everyone participated in the lesson  and the game.   Even though we didn't understand all they said, you could tell that everyone really enjoyed themselves. 

After FHE was over, Naomi served us a traditional Ebon dinner (Ebon is a tribe from Eastern Malaysia).  I really didn't recognize much except the rice & hard boiled eggs, but I tried several things and it was quite tasty.  Some of their food is a little too spicy for me, so I have to be careful what I pick. 

Elder Hadley gave the boys Pokémon cards
and the little one was showing his cards to Elder Lamb.

                                                       The older brother is studying with the missionaries
                                                       so he can be baptized soon.

Another Day Another Story

On Sunday we got a text from a young man who was baptized in the JB Branch about a month ago.  He wanted to know if he and his girlfriend could take us to lunch and then come back to our apartment to watch a movie.  We were surprised that these young people would want to hang out with us, but we were thrilled. She has had a lot of health problems, but he said she always smiles when she is with us.  That really made our day. We went to lunch at a Chinese buffet and then came back to our apartment to watch a movie.  The problem is, the girl, does not speak English, only Mandarin, and it is hard to find a church movie in Mandarin.  We found one that worked, so we watched a couple of short movies and then had fruit which they had brought, and chocolate chip cookies.  This was new to them, so  Elder Lamb taught them how to dunk the cookies in milk. 
What a special and rewarding afternoon we had and because our mission call is member-leader support, we feel we were fulfilling our purpose.

I am so thankful for the amazing people who have come into our life
in these short three months. 
We feel so blessed to know them and to feel their love. 

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