Sunday, November 13, 2016

Special Moments This Week

We are going to miss Elder Lundahl-Wolford.  He has only been here a short while, but we have grown to love him as we do all of the Elders in our District. 
They are truly examples of Christ-like love, obedience and diligence. 
This young woman is Jessie.  She attends our English class each week and speaks English very well.  She is so delightful, we just love her.  She has been meeting with the missionaries, off and on, for a while, but is now taking the lessons again in our home.  She is from China, so she doesn't have much religious background. I keep thinking what it must be like to come from a country where Christianity is not practiced, and then begin learning something that you have never heard of before.  She has a lot of questions and hopefully she will study and pray as the missionaries have asked her to do.   Her husband has to go back to China regularly for work because he isn't allowed to work here, but he says he doesn't care if she learns about the church.  He is the one who invited all of the missionaries to a very nice Chinese Restaurant for dinner, before he went back to China.  He comes to English class when he is here and seems to like all of us. 

Steampot Farewell Dinner for Elder Lundahl-Wolford

For the steampot she served fishballs, meatballs, fish, prawns, scallops, various vegetables, mushrooms , tofu and noodles.  It is very delicious and definitely fresh.

Lily Bun is a member, who was very close to Elder Lundahl-Wolford, when he served in this area two years ago.  Her husband is not a member and works in East Malaysia, so only comes home for a week, every few months.  The saints here have challenges that none of us can even imagine, as they deal with employment, health, transportation, Sabbath on Friday, and so many other issues.  I marvel at their faith and how they love the missionaries.  She invited us, the Branch Mission Leader and the Elders and another family for a Steampot Dinner as a farewell to this wonderful Elder. 
He has touched many lives in the two years that he has served in Malaysia. 

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