Saturday, November 5, 2016

Discovering Another Beautiful Place in Malaysia

My idea of Malaysia changes a little each time we visit a new place.  I am sure there are many beautiful spots here waiting to be explored.  There is little time to explore, but when we do I enjoy it.  Sister Diane is a member of our Branch who is teaching at an English school this year in Malaysia.  She spends as many free days as possible exploring. 
She invited us to bring the Elders for dinner to this beautiful bay close to where she lives. 

The Elders take every opportunity they can to advertise their English class.  The classes are offered free of charge every Friday night at our church.  There are some very wonderful people who come regularly and then a few new students each week.  It has been a very enjoyable experience for Elder Lamb and I to teach English to adults.

Elder Lundahl-Wolford only has 9 days left on his mission. 
The face tells how he feels about that.

 A good hamburger and fries cheered him right up.

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