Saturday, November 26, 2016

Our First Thanksgiving Away From Family

 Our first Thanksgiving away from our family was difficult for me.  It was very challenging because I knew that they were together and we were so far away, and I missed the fun we have together.  I am so proud of them all, because they planned and prepared everything and kept our family traditions alive, including grandma's pretzel jello. 
Suzi and Jeff were with their in-laws, but everyone else was together, even the kids who live away came home for the holiday. 
Mason and Matthew surprised their family and came as well. 
What a blessing it is to have a family
who love to be together and who are such great friends.

How about the two little munchkins!  Our youngest great-grands

For the pie contest, Heather won the "Ugliest but tastes the best" award.  It was ugly because her 5 year old, Cannon stepped in it.

Our family displaying their "Girl Power"

It seems that the only ones missing are the missionaries

What an amazing family.  I think we started something very wonderful!

I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us with such a beautiful family.  Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it isn't around anymore. 
I hope they will continue the family traditions while we are away. 
What a blessing it is to know that "Families Can Be Together Forever."

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  1. You have an amazing family! I am glad to be an extended part of it.

    Those holidays and special occasions away from them are always tough, but I tried to remember what our grandson Daniel said when we were leaving for Samoa...

    Daniel: "Grandma, does this mean you are going to miss my baptism?"

    Me: "Yes, Daniel"

    Daniel: "So, you realize you are going to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity!"

    I explained to him that the reason we would be going on a mission to Samoa and missing his baptism was because Jesus wanted us to go help the people there...and to which he replied:

    "Well, that's OK then if you are going to help Jesus".

    I always kept that in mind...going to help Jesus. All is well.

    Love you guys. Carry on and keep us posted.