Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sunday Was a Special Day

We started this week with church in Masai.  Even though we don't understand what they are saying, the Spirit is there and I can tell by their smiles that they love us being there.  I bore my testimony and Elder Oldham stood beside me and translated each sentence.  That is a hard way to keep your thoughts together, but I just looked at their smiles and I could feel their love.  Later in Relief Society a sister Dina, who I hadn't met before, translated for me. The teacher asked me several questions about the lesson, and after translating it to me and then back to the sisters, I am  not at all sure what I said. After church Dina wanted to have a picture taken with us. 

After finally finding an outdoor market that sells meat, we were able to have our traditional Sunday Dinner of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, and gravy.  We have tried to find beef in the grocery stores but it is very hard to find here.  Maybe we got water buffalo, I don't know, but it was good anyway.  Sometimes we just have to have some familiar food.
The market had booths filled with chicken & duck, fish, beef, shrimp, vegetables and fruits.  It was overwhelming.  I will definitely go back there.

 I fixed Lasagne, salad (with Italian  and Ranch dressing which I brought from home), French bread and lots of fruit for the Elders at District Meeting on Tuesday.  They always seem to enjoy what I fix for them.  For dessert we had Texas Sheetcake cookies.  They tasted just like Texas Sheetcake.

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