Thursday, September 22, 2016

Visiting members with the Elders

We have had some beautiful experiences the past two weeks as we have visited with the Elders some members in both the Masai and Johor Bahru Branches.

Amy, Jaden, Chandran & Meera
This is the Kurup family.  They were so kind to treat the missionaries to pizza and Italian food for Elder Rogers' last meal with them.  It was a great evening.  They are so generous and kind.  Their daughter is attending BYU Idaho, and will be returning there in a couple of months.

 We visited Sister Amy.  She has such wonderful stories and tells them so well.  She works at an orphanage, so she uses that to help the children learn about Jesus and about how to pray.  She isn't able to come to church unless it is a holiday, but she has a sweet testimony and loves sharing it with others whenever she can.

They let Elder & Sister Lamb sit on chairs.

 This is the Uki family.  They are a very close Ibon family, who live mostly together in the same house. They don't come to church very regularly, but invited us to their home the first time we met them.  They are so friendly, loving and sweet.  
When we first arrived, they set the food out on the floor in covered dishes, then  proceeded to have introductions, a prayer and a song and then they wanted the Elders to give them a message.   It was a great Family Home Evening.  I kept worrying that the children would get restless and want to eat, but they were so patient, and seemed to love having the missionaries in their home.  We were pleasantly surprised that the Branch President and his family were there as well.  They seem to be close to this family.
This is the Branch President's daughters.  I told her I loved her shirt.  She liked that.

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