Saturday, September 10, 2016

Senior Couple Conference in Singapore

What an amazing 2 days we had as we met and mingled with the other 10 couples in the mission.  None of them are as new as we are, so they were so helpful in orienting us to places, food, the MRT (mass transit), and many beautiful sights.

When we first arrived we met two couples who took us on the MRT to the beautiful Gardens by the Bay.  Words can't describe the beauty there.  They said that the theme changes every three months and they were just changing the theme to Africa.  They suggested we buy a year pass so we can go whenever we are in Singapore.

We are joining the monkeys

Inside there are different areas to explore, so here is just a sampling.

The animals are made from a variety of legumes

The orchids were incredible

 Note the three-story waterfall.  We went up to the top and looked down.  What a magnificent sight!

In the evening we all, including the Mission President's wife, went to the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands.  It was an incredible sight to watch as the sun set and then the lights started to come on.  You could see the buildings on the other side of the Bay and also The Garden by the Bay. 

This beautiful couple, the Pattersons, were so kind and helpful to us.  They serve in Kuala Lumpur as Public Relations missionaries.

  Gardens by the Bay from above

Inside the shopping mall this looks like a huge toilet bowl constantly flushing

The large building in the background is where the observation deck is. 

On Tuesday we had our Conference where we were instructed by our Mission President and his wife.  They are so inspired and you can feel the spirit so strong when you are with them.  They taught us many principles and things that we can be doing as missionaries.  The other couples also shared many ideas of things they are doing to help build the kingdom of God here in Malaysia and Singapore.  After meeting with them I felt very overwhelmed, but also came away with many more ideas of things we can try in our little corner of Malaysia. 
We were encouraged to strengthen the members and learn to love them.  We are to help the Elders, whether it is with teaching English, visiting members, or investigators or just providing a ride for them to the grocery store. 
Sister Simmons taught us that the path is Charity.  If your path is filled with love you won't feel that you are in the dark.

If you look closely, you will notice that Elder Lamb is missing from the picture.  He had a bad case of vertigo that morning and was not able to attend the training.

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  1. I love the pictures.
    Thanks for keeping us updated. What an adventure.
    Love from us.