Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My First Malaysian Haircut

Sister Dada is in our Branch, and  has a hair salon.  I experienced my first haircut from someone other than my daughter, Denise, for about 20 years.  It is different from what I am used to, but it is fine.  I am just happy that I found someone to do it.

 While two of the Elders were trying on their new tailored suits, the others were trying on some of the latest Malaysian styles.  Check out the yellow shoes, nice with the outfit, right! 

I don't think this tie would qualify for mission attire.

This darling Chinese family come to our English class on Fridays.  They are not members of any religion, and don't know anything about Christ. 

They graciously invited all of the Elders, the Branch Mission Leader and us to dinner at a very nice Chinese restaurant.  We hope that they will feel the Spirit when they are with the missionaries and that they will eventually want to learn about the church, but for now, we just love them and are their friends.

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