Thursday, September 22, 2016

Malay Language Training - Not Sure They Can Teach These "Old Dogs" New Tricks

We started our Malay language training from the SMTC (Senior MTC).  We do it on Skype for two hours a week each, then we are supposed to study for one hour per day.  We have a Malay tutor and a Language coach.  It is really a challenge and especially hard to find the time to study.  We have been very busy visiting with Elders and helping with the Branches.  We will see how it goes, but this week we weren't able to fit it in at all.    We have been given several projects to work on by the Singapore Facilities Manager and the Mission President's wife, so we have been very busy.  I hope this doesn't sound like an excuse, because it would be nice to learn a little Malay.

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  1. It makes my heart happy to read your blogs. It jogs all the memory banks. We have our papers in so we should know sometime soon what's next for us. We have requested to stay stateside since Mom is 93 and I don't want to be too far away. Forward, ever forward. Love, Sally