Sunday, September 4, 2016

Today was an interesting day in the JB Branch.  It was Fast & Testimony meeting and we were privileged to have an Area Authority from Singapore visit us.  When he bore his testimony he spoke directly to the members of the branch and compared them to pioneers.  He said that a few generations from now your descendants will look on you as the pioneers who paved the way for the church in Malaysia, just as the pioneers did in the early days of the church.  
  I attended Relief Society and it was taught in Chinese today.  That was so perfect because we had an investigator there who only speaks Chinese. She is a darling young woman who is ready to be baptized but she has to wait until she can become a citizen.  She is currently a Chinese citizen.   During the lesson, one of the sisters would interpret for the two of us Americans.  The other is a single sister from America who is here for a year teaching English.  She was so happy to see us last week and know that there is someone for her to talk to.
There is also a brother from Utah, who is here working.   They have him teaching the English Gospel Doctrine class.  His wife was here for a while, but she has gone home.
We will have to have each of them over for dinner since they are here alone.

Today the Elders wanted to have a second Sacrament Meeting in the afternoon, because they have an investigator who is still in high school, who cannot come in the morning.  It was only the missionaries, the Ward Mission Leader and this young man, but they had a regular Fast & Testimony meeting.  I learned a great lesson from the Elders today:  Each individual is important and the Lord cares about "the one".   We had a Gospel Principles class following sacrament meeting and the Elders taught him about the importance of the scriptures.  It was a beautiful day!!

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  1. I love this. When Ed and I were involved in the Bush Branch Presidency in Alaska we had to be pretty creative to accommodate the members since they were spread out over thousands of miles and it was pre-skype and video conferences. Things like Temple Recommend interviews at the airport when they were flying in between here and there were commonplace. We reported to President Hinkley some of the things that were going on to keep in touch and make sure everyone had there spiritual needs met and his response was "Whatever it takes". Your missionaries understand that. Have a great week. Sally