Saturday, August 20, 2016

We Arrive in Western Malaysia

This was a gift from Sister Davies  We will treasure it

Us with Singapore Stake President and President Simmons

We were greeted by these four amazing Elders.  Three are new to the JB area.  They helped us survive the first couple of days. 

Curry Fish with vegetables.

You would think that all we do is eat,  but we just think it is so interesting that we have to capture it in pictures.  This is one of the Elders favorite places to eat.
They fill a paper cone with rice, beef, beans, sauce, a fried egg and cucumbers.  You open it up on the table and eat.  It was really delicious.  This is truly a unique culture.

Friday night the missionaries teach a Free English class at the church.  Quite a few people attend, mostly children tonight.  There are two classes, one for beginners and  one intermediate.  I was so impressed with the way the Elders handled the evening. The students enjoyed it, and I loved watching the kids learn.
This is truly a wonderful service that the Church provides.

Playing a game sort of like musical chairs.   Such darling kids.

 Saturday was a challenging day for us.  First we got lost trying to find the internet store.  A very kind man "I call him an angel", offered to show us if we would follow him on his motorcycle.  He had to stop three times to ask directions and backtrack to find us when we made a wrong turn, but he finally got us there.  Next we got lost trying to get to the grocery store where the Elders took us on Thursday.  It was quite close to where we live, but the one we eventually found was quite a long way.
We next found ourselves lost trying to find our way home.  The GPS was definitely not our friend today.

The Best way to end an otherwise frustrating day is a baptism. 

Baptism of Kwan Weng Hang (Alvin)
Johor Bahru Branch

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