Sunday, August 28, 2016

Our First Sunday in the Masai Branch

The Branch President was not there today, so the Elders were  busily trying to prepare for Sacrament meeting.  It became apparent that no-one had brought the bread for the sacrament.  Elder Hanks said a silent prayer and then looked out the window and noticed a Muslim man feeding bread to the birds.  He approached the man and asked if he had an extra slice.  The man asked why and he explained that he needed it  for a religious purpose.  The man said "Oh, sure, take it all."  The Lord truly does provide, sometimes in ways that we do not expect. 
There were only about 12 members in attendance today but hopefully it will increase. 
Elder Hanks and Elder Oldham spoke in Sacrament meeting  and their talks were great (We had to have them interpreted by the other Elder).  You could feel the spirit when they spoke and as they shared personal experiences it was especially strong.

The JB Branch had their monthly "Linger Longer", after Sacrament Meeting.  There were about 30 people there and some of the food was very interesting.   I wouldn't be able to describe or recognize what it was, but everyone enjoyed it and seem to love to be together.  Don had a chicken foot in one of his dishes.  I didn't try it, but I found plenty to eat that was very good.
 Elder Rogers and Elder Tennant spoke in the afternoon Sacrament Meeting.  They weren't given much notice, but they spoke with confidence, conviction and faith.  There were only about 14 members in attendance which includes 6 missionaries, but even with so few people, the Church  program goes on and the message is made available to those who have a desire to come and learn.  The Elders had three investigators to church today, who they are presently teaching the lessons to.   I am continually impressed by the spirit and enthusiasm of these young Elders.


  1. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. I love following your adventure. We have all our papers ready, our application is with the bishop and our doctor is going to hand carry the medical papers to him today. (He happens to be a former member of our ward). We finish our current assignment on October 29 and will be released on the 31st then we will fly to the lower 48 after about a week, hang around with family, then report for duty after the first of the year wherever the paper says to go. We are driving our car down to Boise during the temple closure in September so we won't have to drive the highway in winter weather in November. We will fly back, rent a car for the remainder of our time then fly back down to Boise/Utah/Arizona. Fun times ahead. Love you guys. Sally