Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Masai Branch

 This is the chapel in Masai.  It is located in a shoplot (strip-mall), with the jungle right across the street. It is really quite large inside, with two levels.  There are many classroom which are not being used.   There used to be over 100 members who attended, but the Sultan changed the Sabbath to Friday in this State so getting to church is impossible for most.  There are no children who attend on Sunday because they are in school.  They can only come on Holidays, and then there are usually traveling somewhere.
  This part of Malaysia is primarily Muslim.  The Elders hear the call to prayer daily, which often awakens them.
The members speak Malay in this branch, so we will have to rely on the Elders to interpret for us and maybe eventually we will learn a few words and phrases.

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