Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our First District Meeting

Elder Hanks, Oldham, Tennant, Hew, Rogers & Low

We had our first District Meeting in our apartment with the Elders from JB and Masai.
This is a great group of young Elders who are so eager, enthusiastic and willing to serve. 
As the opening hymn was sung with gusto by 6 energized Elders, the Spirit was definitely present.
Elder Hanks, the District Leader,conducted the meeting. All of the Elders were well prepared with their assignments and shared experiences and investigator stories. 

We served them lunch of Pineapple Chicken, Fried rice, watermelon, Dragon Fruit and Chocolate cake.  When we finished they jumped right up and cleaned up all of the dishes.  Great job Elders!!

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