Saturday, August 20, 2016

Long Flight to Singapore

We left Salt Lake City on Monday, August 15, and arrived in Singapore on August 17.  It was a very long flight to Hong Kong, and not as comfortable as we would have liked, but  we survived.  The flight from Hong Kong to Singapore was only 4 hours and we were in the Business Class which has these seats.  Now this is the way to travel on a long flight.  Ahh!!
Welcome to Hong Kong

They even have recliners so you could actually lay down

This is the way to travel on long flights

We were met at the Singapore airport by President and Sister Simmons.  They introduced us to other missionaries in the Mission Office and then treated us to dinner.  We were then put up for the night in a hotel.  The next morning we were oriented and then sent on our way to Western Malaysia.

It will be fun to go back to Singapore and see some of these amazing sights.

President & Sister Simmons and Elder & Sister Lamb

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