Friday, February 3, 2017

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Malaysia

We have learned a lot about Chinese New Year.  It is much bigger here than Christmas. 
We have never really experienced it before, so it has been a fun experience. 
They celebrate for 23 days and have many traditions and superstitions.  There are fireworks every night which are to scare off the evil spirits.   Some of the traditions are Red Lanterns, mandarin oranges, and Red Envelopes with money inside, that they give to people.  Most people wear something red and they say to never wear black on top to the dinners.  They celebrate with many dinners starting with family dinners the first three days.
 On the first day we were invited by the former JB Branch President to his
family's home for dinner. 
They have beautiful hand carved wood tables that were exquisite.

Pres. Tan has many aunts, uncles and cousins that were all at the family dinner.  It was a beautiful evening and we were honored to attendThe Chinese Buffet was delicious.

We were invited to the Relief Society President of the JB Branch home for dinner on Sunday.  She has a beautiful vacation home and wanted to have the missionaries to dinner for Chinese New Year.

We all received Red Envelopes.  We were happy to be invited and to receive envelopes.

There is a Chinese family in the Masai Branch, who had an Openhouse for Branch members for Chinese New Year.  It was a big day with lots of eating. 
We just love these wonderful Saints and enjoy being with them.

This sign says "Never Give  Up"  I love that. 

Happy Chinese New Year to All!!

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