Friday, February 3, 2017

P-Day Outing at the Ostrich Farm

It has been a while since we took the Elders on an outing so we planned one to the Ostrich Farm.  It was about an hour drive.   We had to use our trusty Branch Mission Leader to help us drive since we now have 9 Elders. 
It makes more than a car full.

Breakfast at McDonald's is a winner!!

Our drive was in a horrible rain storm, but as we arrived at the Ostrich Farm the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy our time there.

This is a great group of young men.  They are examples to us all. 
They play hard, work hard, study hard and are always willing to help us with whatever we need, rain or shine.  We are truly blessed to work with them.

An ostrich egg is very large.  You can make many omelets with only one egg.
Here is a Day Old Ostrich.  They hatch the eggs and then raise the birds.

I have never been up so close to an ostrich.  This one is kept away from the others, so she has all of her feathers.  They peck at each other, and most have lost their feathers.

She likes to peck at buttons and jewelry. 

I am actually standing on two ostrich eggs.  They have very strong shells.  They have to open them with a drill.

We are all enjoying our first ostrich burger.  Not bad actually. 
They said that it is very healthy meat. 

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