Saturday, January 21, 2017

Last Stop Before Returning Home


The Batu Caves was our final stop before heading to the airport. 
The time flew by so fast but we have things to do. 
After all, we are on a mission, lest I forget.

We had to walk up over 280 steps to see the cave.  Thank goodness there were lots of chances to stop and breathe for a minute.  I couldn't believe all of the monkeys everywhere.  They are not afraid of people that is for sure. 
Many of them had babies hanging on for dear life.

When you get to this second set of steps, you have to carry a brick up to the top. 
They are doing work up there and need to get the bricks up. 
I told the man "No", but he just shook his head and said "Yes, just one."

This was a funny formation growing out of the cave.
  There is a small shrine here in the cave. 
People come all the way up here to worship.

This is one of the monkeys with the baby hanging on.

They are preparing for an Indian Holiday which is in February.

This is the Monkey God I guess.

One last "First Time lunch",  Cheese Naan.  It was interesting to watch them make it.  They put the cheese inside the dough and work it around, then roll it out and slap in to the side of a large clay oven, and bake it. 
It is like a large flatbread, or sort of like Indian Fry Bread in Arizona. 
I loved it!  Anything with cheese and I am in.

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