Saturday, January 7, 2017

Feed My Sheep

It has become very evident to us that there are many of the Lord's
precious sheep that have been lost in this area. 
Because the Sabbath is on Friday here,
many people are not able to come to church. 
We have met some of them during the recent holidays,
because school was out and they were able to come to church. 
There are others who, in my opinion, just need to feel needed. 
They need callings so that they feel there is a purpose for them in the church.  Their testimonies are fragile,
and when they do not attend for a while, they become weaker. 
I pray that as we visit and become more familiar with them and their situations, we can make recommendations for callings
so that more people can be involved. 
We have committed to visit these members
and become familiar with them and their stories
so that we can help them feel wanted, needed and loved. 

Yesterday, we visited one such family with the Elders. 
Sister Madaline is so wonderful.
She has been a member since 2008 and she and her daughters
used to be very active.  She, her three beautiful daughters and her mom are all  members. When we got to their home, Bunsu (the grandma) gave me such a big hug, I can still feel it.  I know that they have missed having contact with members of the church and they were so happy to see us.  
They served us a brown rice porridge which was really delicious.
This family cannot attend church because Madaline  works on Sunday
and the girls go to school. 
Even if she didn't work, she has no transportation to church
and there is no bus close by. 
We are going to visit regularly with the Elders and bring gospel lessons to them so that they can again feel the Spirit.  We found out they were very active before the Sabbath was changed to Friday. 
My heart just aches when I meet these sweet families who are not active in church, but love it so much and would be there if they could. 

We are planning to have a Youth Activity next Saturday and hopefully the girls will be able to be there.  We are planning to challenge all of the youth to read a chapter a day from the Book of Mormon. 
The Mission President has provided a Book of Mormon reading chart,
so that they can keep track of their reading.

We are realizing that a big part of our mission, which is called Member/ Leader Support, is to help support these families who are not able to attend church
but still have testimonies and would be there if they could. 
I love visiting them and getting to know them and hearing their stories. 
It is sweet to feel  their spirits as they tell us of their conversion to the gospel
  I wish that I could understand them, but have to rely on the Elders to translate as we visit  many of them. 


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