Monday, January 16, 2017

Masai Youth Book of Mormon Challenge

We planned a Youth Activity for the Masai Branch on Saturday, 14 January. 
It is always rewarding to realize that the Spirit has prompted you to do something, and then when you do it you know why it was necessary.  I love when that happens. 
Our mission President had asked the Branch Presidents to present to their members Elder Stephenson's Challenge in General Conference,  to read the Book of Mormon every day. 
We decided that we could help by presenting the challenge to the youth first.  They were very excited and wanted to accept the challenge. The Elders helped with the Malay presentation, so that they understood what they were being taught. 

I found several Book of Mormon games on the
internet, which they had fun doing.

 We had 10 youth attend, which was great for the branch, but it
could have been more.  We found out too late that there was
a school activity at the same time.  Bummer!!

For refreshments we served Root Beer floats.  We had gigantic cups and some still wanted refills.

To end the activity, we played "Don't Eat Pete"
They had a lot of fun, mostly just being together.  They only see each other when we have activities or there is a day off from school (school is on Sunday)

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