Tuesday, December 20, 2016

P-Day Excursion To The South China Sea

We haven't done a fun P-Day activity for a while, so we decided to go check out the waterfalls and have a little hike.

On our way we saw many monkeys jumping around in the trees and some of them came to greet us on the road.

When we got to the waterfall area, it was reserved for a group from Singapore, so we had to quickly change our plans.  Luckily we had our Branch Mission Leader, Brother Ben with us and since he is from here, he knows the places to visit. 
Our alternate was the South China Sea. 
What a beautiful place.  The beach isn't too much fun for missionaries, since they cannot swim, but they had a great day anyway.

Or climb on a fallen log

                                                                           ....or just be yourselves

Treats are always a good idea!

A wonderful day was had by all!!  The end!!

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