Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our Youth Activity Was a Success

We decided to plan a joint youth activity for both of the branches that we serve.  The youth don't get many opportunities to attend church and when there aren't activities, they are really left out.  Since the youth are the future of the Church, we feel like it is very important to strengthen  as much as we can. 
We started with a Spiritual Opening using the 2016 Mutual Theme "Press Forward".  We taught them about "Our Path to Eternal Life"  from Conversion, to learning & growing in the gospel,to sharing the gospel, to family history and temple ordinances through videos, music and some participation from them.
Elder Lamb encouraged them to learn the Articles of Faith.

We then served them lunch which was KFC(a Malaysian favorite), potatoes & gravy, watermelon

The Elders helped us plan and carry out some very fun games.  We did relays, Minute To Win It Games and Charades.  They really had fun and truly got into the action.

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