Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016 in Masai Branch

We love being with the beautiful saints in the Masai Branch.  They are such loving people, and they treat us to special.  The branch president struggles because he has so few people to help out with things but with a suggestion from us he agreed to have a Christmas Program for Sacrament Meeting.  We just prepared it and asked a new convert to be the Narrator.  It was a beautiful program with narration and Christmas hymns and closing remarks from President John.  The spirit was there and the saints really began to get in the Christmas spirit.  The Elders had decorated the Christmas tree in the foyer so it was perfect.

We also suggested to President John that we could have a Branch Christmas Party on the Friday before Christmas.  His face brightened up because he wanted to and now he had someone who was willing to help him.  The real blessing happened on Sunday when we got to church and were ready to plan the party, the Relief Society President who we had never met because she spends many months in the Philippines, came to church and wanted to help organize the party.  She had some of the teenagers come and help her set up and decorate and everyone had a great time. 
The Lord truly blesses us when we are trying to do His work. 

I had found a short program entitled "The Story of Christmas from the Book of Mormon."  We just had the Elders translate it into Malay and then brought it with us to the party.   There isn't an opportunity to practice for things like this, so you just go with who is there and it all works out.   I asked a recent convert, Sister Naomi if she would be the narrator and she was happy to do that.  Her husband and another brother who is less-active, were Nephi and Samuel the Lamanite.   

Sister Norma, the RS President, organized a Nativity which was also without practice, but was just so special.  I had brought sheets and towels and ribbons, crowns from Burger King, etc. and we just fixed  the costumes on the children as they came. 
It was not "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever", but it was very special

Elder Lamb was Santa for the first time in his life.  He did such a great job, and everyone loved him.  They all wanted to have their pictures taken with him.  President John had provided a bag full of wrapped gifts for each of the children.

I even got to sit on Santa's lap.

There were over 50 people who attended the party and everyone had a wonderful time.  I am so happy that we did it.  Many of these Saints cannot attend on Sunday and a social is the only time they can get together.  May the Lord continue to bless us as we look for ways to serve and support the saints here in Malaysia.

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