Friday, July 14, 2017

Seeking the Lost Sheep

  We have been trying to find the "Lost Sheep" in our Masai branch.    One day while the Elders were looking for someone,  Sister Inum came running out of her house shouting "Elders".  She is a member who is here from Sarawak taking care of grandchildren.  She was very active there, but has no transportation to church here.  Hopefully we can figure something out for her. 
She really wants to come to church.

Madaline and her girls were baptized in 2012,
but her husband Patrick was not baptized at that time. 
While we were on our outing with them to the Sultans Openhouse,
he asked us how many times he has to come to church before he is baptized.
The Elders are now teaching him and hopefully as soon as our new chapel is complete, he will be baptized.  Today the Elders taught him the Plan of Salvation.  His family has now been coming to church more regularly. 
More lost sheep are being found.

This is Mary Grace.  Her husband and sons are not baptized.  We had a very nice visit with them, but so far they have not come to church.   Never give up!  Maybe they will come to our  Branch Activity next week.

We had two new children in Primary.  We had visited their family on Saturday night and invited them to church.  Our lesson was about the Plan of Salvation.   They seemed to enjoy Primary.I hope they will continue to come. 

The Lord is truly blessing us as we strive to find and bring back 
 His "Lost Sheep"

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