Thursday, July 27, 2017

More July Moments

Our wonderful Philippino friends spent the evening with us. 
They brought their dinner with them from Manila Grill. 
It was Janet's birthday, so we had purchased a cake for her.

  They call us Mom & Dad.  Most of the time when they come we watch a church video and then talk about it.  We love having them come over. 
They are not able to come to church very often because they always have to work.

We found a great new restaurant that just opened near our old Masai church. 
It is called the Moonlight Cake House.  

I had pizza, which was delicious. 
Don and Ben tried their hamburger. 
They were on black buns, but they say they were really good.

They obviously make some pretty amazing cakes.  These are a few that were on display.

I  can't imagine eating one of these creations!

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