Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Zone Conference in Kuala Lumpur

We attended the Zone Conference in Kuala Lumpur because
President Simmons does not want us trying to go into Singapore yet. 
As I previously wrote, we were denied access when we tried to go into Singapore in May, for no reason that they could give us, so we are staying in Malaysia for the time being. 
The missionaries are all wonderful, no matter where they serve, 
so it really doesn't matter to us where we attend the conference. 
It was a very inspiring conference as we were instructed by our mission president and his wife.  It is always nice to get your batteries recharged and rededicate yourself to your work as a missionary.  I am grateful for this opportunity to learn, reflect & rededicate.
Our President and his wife keep up a pace that I cannot even imagine. 
This was their 6th conference in two weeks both in East Malaysia, and West Malaysia. They will do their 7th one in Singapore this week.
  They never seem to tire, although they must have their moments when no one is watching.

 We visited the Royal Museum, which was the home of the King of West Malaysia until about 5 years ago, when a new Palace was built.  We were not allowed to take pictures inside.  It was very large and ornate, but definitely either needed to be refurbished or a new one built.  We learned that each king is elected by secret ballot from among the 9 Sultans from the 9 states in Malaysia.  They serve for five years, and then a new king is elected.  The Sultans are from Royal bloodlines, which are handed down from father to son.

Our next excursion with another senior missionary couple, The Colmans, was to Little India.  It is a very quaint area with beautiful flower markets, where they hand string fresh flowers  which are purchased to be presented in their temples. 
They  also had wonderful fresh fruit and vegetable markets. 

The was the most gigantic durian that I have ever seen. 
It didn't even stink, so I was told by a friend that it probably didn't taste very good. 
The stinkier, the better, I guess.  They offered us a taste, but we graciously declined.

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