Thursday, June 1, 2017

Special Moments

These two sweet sisters in the JB Branch make me smile whenever I see them. 
Venus (on left) is a mother of 4 from the Philippines.  She has been here for two years away from her family working as a nanny and housekeeper. 
She is finally able to return home to her family, and is so happy.
Susanna is a convert of about 1 year.  She has a hard time getting to church, so I am always thrilled when I see her here.

Sister Dianne is from Utah, and is here working as a teacher at the Raffles American School.  She is a great person and we enjoy each other. 
We both came to Malaysia at the same time.  She extended her contract for a year,
so I am happy that she will be here until I leave. 

The missionaries teach a free English class every Friday night at the church.  It has been an interesting experience, and we meet many nice people. 
Sherry has been coming to class for about 8 months, and has improved her English conversation skills so much since she began.  She brought us gifts for "Teachers Day". 

Sherry didn't know this, but this  color of rose has special significance to me because of an experience I had shortly after my mother passed away. 
It was a sweet reminder for me on the weekend of Memorial Day in the US.
It is one of the many "tender mercies" that I have received since I have been here.

President Simmons brought her mission call with him from Singapore. 
She opened it during our "Linger Longer."  How exciting!  She will be serving in the Vanuatu
mission and leaves in July.

After a "very painful" foot massage, we were treated to a new experience called
"Big Bowl Ice",  by our branch mission leader.  
It is sort of like shave ice only so much better, it has a very airy texture.
They had many strange flavors, but I had Mango and Elder Lamb had Coconut with fruit.
  Ben had Durian, which is a favorite fruit here in Malaysia, which is very stinky. 

 It looks huge, but very airy, so not very filling.  Just delightful!!

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