Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Our Last Baptism in Masai Building

We met this young man  Anncia, when we first arrived in Malaysia.  He is a friend to Brain Taha, whose family was one of the first we visited.  They are members of the Masai Branch.  Anncia is a great young man, who is very quiet and doesn't say much but he has come a long way since we first met him.  He had taken missionary lessons two years earlier, but was not baptized at that time.  
We are so happy that he made the decision to be baptized at this time
and we pray that he will continue to learn and grow as a member of the church.

Anncia was baptized by Elder Read. 
This was his first baptism and he is very excited and happy for Anncia.

President John, our branch president, welcomed  him as the newest member of the Masai Branch.

                                                                        We are proud of Anncia, and are happy to know him.

The Taha family treat him like a son and were so happy for him to be baptized.

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