Friday, April 21, 2017

A Very Special Family Making Eternal Plans

Since we arrived in the mission field, we have been aware of the beautiful Taha family.  They are a great strength to the Masai Branch, and each are strong in their own special way. 
For a past few months we have been helping them prepare to go to the temple to receive their temple blessings and be sealed together as a family for eternity.  They have a strong desire to do this and we are finally at the stage where definite plans are being made and they will be able to go in June. 
The plan is to go to the Manila Philippines Temple. 
We will be able to go with them which is definitely a blessing for us.
Everyone is excited! 

Vianni Taha expressed a desire to serve a mission,
so the missionaries have been helping her a lot to prepare,
and then we began the process of completing her  Mission Application. 
It has been submitted and she is now waiting for her call
which should come in about a month. 
There is a lot going on for this family and they are definitely being blessed. 
I feel so honored and blessed to know and support them and to watch their progress as they prepare for these wonderful experiences ahead of them.

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