Saturday, March 18, 2017

Memories from our Masai Branch

We love working with the saints here in Malaysia.  This is the Masai Branch which are Malay speakers and so I don't understand much of what is said in our meetings.  I have tried to learn the language but this old brain just doesn't seem to want to remember it.

The Relief Society had their RS 175th Birthday Party, which was a BBQ at the home of the Relief Society President, Sister Norma Tan.  She is such a lovely example and because the sisters all love her, she is able to get them to attend. 

They asked the missionaries to sing a song,
so we recruited some of the young people to help us out. 

This is Norma, our beautiful hostess.

The Elders are always happy to show up when there is food.  We love them.

This beautiful family is preparing to go to the Manila Temple in June.  
They were baptized in 2012 and are some of the very strong members of the Branch. 
We love them and will be privileged to go with them to Manila. 
We are teaching them the Temple Preparation classes right now.
I just wish that language was not such a barrier, because there is so much I would love to say to them, but I just can't communicate in their language.

Vianni, Ester, Brain, Sira and Taha

Since we began having church in the afternoon in this branch, we have been having children come so it was necessary to have Primary. 
Who would have thought that at my age, I would be teaching Primary.  It has been very challenging, fun, rewarding and tiring, but I am so thankful that now the children can come to church and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Thank goodness for the internet so I can find lots of things to help teach and entertain them for two hours. Vianni has been called as a Primary teacher so she helps me a lot.

They are working on one of the Book of Mormon activities
They love to sing the Primary songs which are new to many of them.

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