Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fun P-Day at the Johor Bahru Zoo

The zoo here in Johor Bahru is very small, but has quite a variety of animals. 
You don't have to walk very far to see all of them. 

The Elders have been wanting to come so we finally made it
before we lost three of them to transfers.

I wasn't sure he was alive because he was so still and had leaves all over him. 
Must have been asleep a long time.

The Elders thought these birds were kneeling to pray, notice their knees are backwards.

"We must look perfect for our pictures.  Let's fix you up right now".

You can see Elder Lamb was very interested in the whole experience!

Three Camels + Three Elders

The tigers were too tired to even get up, it must be nap time.

 Mom and baby enjoying all of the attention.

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